Ideas for Fix a Futon Mattress Cover

Futon Mattress Cover Furniture

Futon mattress cover – Futons save space on the floor, serve as instant guest beds, and are generally cheaper than sofas or sofas. However, should you purchase a futon in an effort to save on furniture expenses and your futon mattress now needs repairs, you are not likely to be satisfied with the idea of ​​spending even more money on a new futon mattress. Fix your futon mattress cover yourself to save money and to extend the life of your futon for several months or even years.

Open the zipper of your futon mattress to access the interior if the mattress padding of your futon has been unloaded or bulked. Remove all the filling if it is dirty, smells bad or too lumpy to fix with a layer or two of new filling. Roll the filling into a cylindrical shape and remove it from the mattress cover. Lay flat out again and take height, length and width of the fill. Use those dimensions to cut new batting stages.

Cut around the holes in the mattress cover, making them uniform and easy to work with squares or rectangles. Make a diagonal cut, about a quarter inch long, at the corner of each shape. Fold in the lapels you just created and then press them flat with the hot iron. Cut a piece of matching fabric with dimensions slightly larger than the opening of your futon and slide it into your hole. Match the edges of your scrap to the edges of the flap bent inward and the pin together. Hand-sew the patch to the futon mattress covers using thread of the same color.

Futon Mattress Covers In A Wide Variety Of Styles

Grey Futon Mattress Covers

Futon mattress covers – A futon is a versatile piece of furniture that works equally well in both a living room and guest bedroom. When in an upright position, a futon acts like a sofa. Folding down, it is usable as a bed. Mattresses come in a wide variety of styles and variations. Like mattresses, futon mattresses are available in different levels of thickness and firmness. A futon mattress should have a cover to keep it in the best shape possible. Match the cover to the decor of your room.

If your futon serves as the primary seating area of ​​a room, use a dark, solid color for the cover. The dark color will hide any stains. Buy cushions in a lighter shade of the cover color for a more finished look. Make sure the futon cover is made of a cotton / polyester blend or a muslin broadcloth which is very durable. For a classic bachelor pad look, choose a vinyl futon cover available in a wide range of color options.

This material resembles leather but is much cheaper. It is a good option for those who use the futon to sit at the television and eat. A futon cover can be an element to let your personality shine through. If you like frequent changes to your room design, buy more futon covers.

Futon Mattress Ikea Is Really Popular Choice

Full Size Ikea Futon Mattress

Today, we want to share our knowledge of futon mattress ikea and the art of choosing a good futon. Now we have the opportunity to utilize the Japanese experience of relaxation art. Modern futons are adapted to our European habits and can be used both on tatami rugs and on wooden bed frames. Nowadays, Japanese mattresses have got fans all over the world thanks to both practical benefits and good qualities.

Some see a great advantage of sleeping on futons because futon mattresses in natural materials can breathe and become a better option for people with back problems and allergy sufferers. In addition to the health aspects, Japanese bed mattresses are environmentally friendly and help one to minimize poison in the home. Cotton and wool mattresses are cheaper than spring mattresses.

Foldable futons are also easier to transport in a car. Japanese mattress saves space by rolled up or folded and preserved in the cabinet or storage during the day and for the night you can roll it out on the floor or tatami mats. Sometimes the word “futon” means both mattress and bed frame, but we use the word only as a name for the mattress part itself. Check our gallery to inspire you!

Reasons Why Sleeping On a Minimalist Futon Pad Is the Best

Sure Fit

Why sleeping on a minimalist futon pad is the best? First, it is easy to roll up a futon and move with it; A little cotton string, some muscle power to roll it as tight as possible, wrap it in a futon carrying cover and you are good to go. No worrying about breaking the bed, you can even throw it in the back of your car across the backseat.

Second, it is easy to pull out futons furniture on the floor for a guest; you can convert any room with a clear space into a quick guest bedroom. You don’t need a bulky sofa bed or just proper bed. Just pull out your guest futon from the closet, unroll it, slap on some fitted sheet covers and linens and you are good to go.

Even, if the guest haven’t found it comfortable, it is all the more incentive for them to not to stay any longer than 1-2 weeks as a guest. The sure fit has come a long way in the past 40 years, but the traditional 100% cotton futon mattress is still a favorite among college students and “living deprived space.” You need to know what you’re looking for before you buy.

Vintage Brass Table Lamps Is Back

Arched Vintage Brass Table Lamps

Want a trendy and original decoration? Go without hesitation for the vintage style and dive into the 70s! To change some of the modern decor, sometimes a little cold and square. Add a touch of nostalgia by revisiting your interior decoration … Vintage brass table lamps, retro appliances, accessories with an industrial accent and pastel or warm colors. These are the essential of the vintage style!

And yes! The retro-vintage style is back and it’s even the decorating trend to adopt right now. With a small dose of nostalgia, warm colors and inexpensive materials, the retro-vintage style is within everyone’s reach! You can adapt vintage deco to any room in your apartment, home or office. For more creativity and originality, play on the colors of your vintage lamps. The key is to create a concordance in all parts. If you want to know a little more about this subject, follow the advice of our decorator!

It was only in the 80s that the term “vintage  ” began to be used in decoration to design furniture, lamps and retro-looking objects. Among the most popular decorative items Vintage is obviously the vintage fixture: apply vintage, floor lamp retro or industrial suspension are currently top of the trend! The vintage lighting is now a great success because it has become, in a few years, a great source of inspiration for designers around the world.

Vintage Cane Back Chairs for Unique Interior Style

Vintage Cane High Back Chairs

Vintage cane back chairs – When we hear the word “vintage”, we immediately think of the glorious Thirties. The time when everything was convenient and easy. It was also the moment when the decoration knew a real revolution. The purchasing power of consumers at that time allowed them to decorate their interior according to their tastes and desires. It was now a question of buying “pleasure” and not buying “necessary”.

Be careful not to confuse the vintage style or vintage-inspired luminaire with the original vintage luminaire. You might be surprised by the difference in price! Indeed, vintage pieces are now very popular and therefore increasingly rare to find and obviously very expensive! If you do not want to hunt and your means do not allow you to offer you the vintage piece of your dreams. Simply opt for, for example, a vintage inspired lighting or vintage style, all in avoiding counterfeits, a little too present on the market today!

The flagship materials of vintage style are fortunately not the most expensive: wood, plywood, plastic, metal or fabric are intended to be quality and robust to last in time. The metal is also very present in vintage style, metal son, feet or frames, it ensures the robustness of objects. The glass, the rattan or tissue associated with these key materials bring color and lightness to the furniture.

How to Refill Vintage Ceramic Lamps

Twin Vintage Lamps

Vintage ceramic lamps are a decorative lamp that contains wax put over a light to emulate the appearance of the lava. Because the wax is heated by the light, it moves through the lamp, creating a distinct and unique effect. If you have a vintage lava lamp that has been shaken or dropped, you can replenish water with a specific solution to keep your lava lamp fresh and fresh.


Turn off the vintage ceramic lamps and let it cool and lava harden. Remove the outer plastic cover and pull off the inner metal cover with a bottle opener. Pour the water through a strainer to avoid losing any of the lava. If the lava falls into the strainer, put it back in the lamp. Fill the lava lamp with distilled water and a few drops of clear detergent. Cover the lamp and shake it with the soap mixture water inside. The liquid acts as an emulsifier.

Place a small amount of Epsom salt, about one teaspoon, in aqueous solution. Connect your vintage ceramic lamps in a socket and wait for the wax to soften. If the wax is in the bottom, add more salt until it moves around. Turn off the lamp and allow it to cool until the lava solidifies. Replace both covers securely with the bottle protector.


Vintage Chair Styles

Original Vintage Dining Chairs

One of the most common and practical furniture has the chair undergone countless makeovers over the years. Although there is no lack of modern design, many styles of vintage chair, from bubble to bachelor, have become favorites, reminiscent of bygone eras and trends.

Bubble Chair

The Finnish vintage chair was design in 1968 by Euro Arno. The work consists of a hemisphere, made of transparent acrylic with a steel frame. Inside are place either leather or fabric polyurethane pillows to sit on. What gives this chair its “bubble” quality is that it is suspend in the ceiling with a steel chain, as if it actually floated? Though once Avant grade, the bubble chair is now a vintage piece of furniture, reminiscent of the Scandinavian modernist industrial design of the mid-sixties.


Morris chair first hit the English market back in 1868. It is consider to be one of the first adjustable vintage chairs and has been used as a model for much modern furniture. Morris was made of solid wood, usually oak, with cushions for seat and back. It is quite low on the ground and has no padded armrests above several columns of cross pieces, a regular Victorian design. The back is typically adjustable for four different angles, with recesses to lock each position in place.

Create Vintage Decorations Atmosphere

Vintage Room Decor

If you think that past generations were better than this one and want to capture it inside your home, the vintage decorations style is undoubtedly what you were looking for. Because this decorative style makes a nod to the past decades, using elements that range from the decade of the 30 until the end of the decade of the 80. This will create a little corner of the past in your home.

So, creating a warm and romantic space, something own of these retro environments. The key is to mix elements of past decades, introduce even some contemporary elements, but never abuse them. But the combination of elements vintage decor with current ones (as long as they combine well) gives you the possibility of finding elements both in decoration stores and in antique shops or restorers.

When choosing current elements you should look for models whose design is inspired by past trends using modern materials. A good example of this is a very good idea to create your atmosphere at vintage room decor, and is to use chairs, armchairs or even classic sofas and lining them with modern fabrics. The result is charming and will give a very personal touch to the space, you’ll see.

A Guide for Vintage Cottage Decor

Definition Of Cottage Decor

Technically, Cottage Style is not really a style. After all, a cottage is supposed to live in, be enjoyed, and is usually the recipient of all the rejections from the real home. But cottage furniture and accessories have grown in popularity in recent years. In Cottage Style, something (and everything) goes. The furniture in a vintage cottage decor is often recycled, purchased from a flea market or collected from family rejections.

Nothing really has to match and it shouldn’t but the overall effect is charming and comfortable at the vintage cottage decor . Everything found can be painted or restored to help it fit into your scheme. Take a vintage lighting for the cottage design that find from a lamp shop where you have adapted it to your need for minimal expense. The more unusual your subject, the more fun you will look at when it is electrified with a sweet shadow.

In cottage style furniture, pieces are often adapted from one use to another. For example, a bench can serve as a coffee table. Also an old kitchen cabinet can hide towels in a bathroom, or a kitchen table can become a desk. You can also reuse a piece of old wood or iron fence to serve as the headboard. To fit into the scheme, the play just needs to look old and loved with signs of wear.