Cool Modern Light Fixtures on the Ceiling

Nov 2nd
Latest Cool Modern Light Fixtures Pictures
Latest Cool Modern Light Fixtures Pictures

Cool modern light fixtures can provide lots of lighting, but they do not add much architectural interest to a room. If you want to make a statement with a roof fixture instead of a recessed light, you will be able to jump one of the more burdensome parts of the job because the wiring is already in place. Replacing recessed light with a roof fixture is a great job for DIY owners.
Turn off the power to the circuit you will be working at the home switch panel. Pull the trim ring at the crossing of the ceiling and recessed lights. Remove the bulb from the light. Loosen and remove the screws on the inside of the cool modern light fixtures that attaches the light to the ceiling. Pull the luminaire down from the ceiling. Loosen and remove wire nuts connect home wires to wires of fittings. Place recessed luminaire aside for disposal or recycling.
Pull the wires through one of the openings in the side of your cool modern light fixtures. Place the box in the ceiling opening, with the open end level with the ceiling. Screw the box into the ceiling. Attach the new luminaire assembly details to the luminaire box. Match the bare ends of the home wires to the bare ends of the luminaire wires. Match black to black, white to white and green to green. Slide a thread nut over each of the pairs and twist until thread nuts are tightened. Slide the luminaire base on mounting details attached to the luminaire box. Secure the light with the supplied screws. Place a light bulb in the luminaire and turn on the power again.
Tips and warnings
Never try to work with live electrical circuits.

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