Create a Dramatic Room with Orbit Chandelier

Although like all fashion that returns, it never does as before and for that reason nowadays these ultraclasic atmospheres no longer take to the palace style where these lamps found their natural habitat. Today the orbit chandeliers are reinterpreted in a more modern style or the same classic lamps of the time are used but in contemporary or classic renewed environments, as we show in this post.
Like any pendant lamp, its natural location is on the dining table , where they tend to look more than anywhere, but when they are large or elongated, they also work very well to decorate living rooms or living areas in spaces with very high ceilings, whether lofts or more classic flats. As more original options, classic orbit chandelier are especially curious decorating a hallway or bathroom decoration (especially above free-standing bathtubs), although they are also widely used in bedrooms (on the bed or on the tables) and in the decoration of stairs.
They are less suitable in small flats or with low ceilings, because these lamps are conceived to show them off, and in small spaces they “eat” the interior, so if that is your case and you like orbit chandelier, you should opt for a small renovated style. Finally, for lovers of the classic, decorative fusion or recovery of elements of the past, we show you some images of interiors decorated with classic chandeliers for your inspiration.

Hanging Orbit Chandelier

Hanging Orbit Chandelier

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