Design and Ideas of Bunk Bed with Built In Desk

Bunk Bed with Built in Desk Design

Bunk bed with built in desk – Many contemporary bunk designs ideas now feature a storage function and also desks. Add the bunk bed and other furniture in the room. The amount of other furniture the room requires will depend on the style of the bunk. If you have a built-in desk, also below storage drawers, a few simple storage boxes and a cabinet with drawers are all you need to add to the room.

Ideas for a bedroom bunk beds, create an integrated design to make bunk beds look like they are original to the house. Install individual beds along a wall and insert them into it with boards and moldings that make it look as if the beds were built at the same time as the rest of the structure.

Finish the decoration with accessories. For a room, select a simple bedding, neutral or pastel, and add a touch of bright color with an accent mattress. Hang a framed picture on the wall for visual interest and a mirror to reflect the light. In a children’s room, choose cheerful and modern bedding, curtains and a bright floor rug.  If your children’s room has a theme, such as a mural of the space scene, add to this look with some planets that hang in 3-D and glow in the dark stickers of ceiling space.