Disabling Led Flood Light Fixtures

Nov 5th
Top Led Flood Light Fixtures
Top Led Flood Light Fixtures

Led flood light fixtures – If you have a flood light you want to keep in place, but do not want to work more, you can take safety precautions and flood lights to effectively disable it does not turn. The process requires that you disconnect the wiring of light, because that is the only way to ensure flood light is off, and adequately protect each cable after disconnecting. Loosen the screws holding your flood lamp to the wall, and then pull the light fixture base away from the wall so you can see the wiring. Disconnect the wiring between flood light and electrical box. Turn each cable combating nuts clockwise to remove the wire nuts, pull the wires apart. This will separate from the light fixture from the wall.

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Screw a wire nut on each individual control panel cable at both household and lamp to protect the bare wires of both its light and led flood light fixture son the control panel. Wrap duct tape around the base of the nut of the cable and electrical wiring to keep the wire nut into place.

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Fold the electrical wiring in the house in the electrical box. Mount your flood light back to the wall by screwing the base of the house electrical panel. Remove the faceplate light switch that controls flood lamp and disconnect all wiring between the electrical box and the light switch to turn the led flood light fixtures. Place wire nuts at the ends of all cables, and then install a blank face plate on the light switch electrical box.

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