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Nautical fan need to be placed in middle of room, unless space is too wide and you have to fit two or more units to get right amount of wind. For safety reasons, we recommend that you do not install ceiling fans directly above bed.   One large bedroom or a large living room needs a large ceiling fan (propeller length from 1m2 to 1m4) to create enough wind. For smaller rooms, rotor length can range from 1m to 1m2. However, size of fan depends on needs of each person.
Each nautical fan is formed from a different idea, so they are called and come with different effects. Propellers seemed fixed, fixed but when pressed, propeller would spread out slowly and bounce like dandelion petals flying in wind. When turned off, fan blades down gently and hangs up like a flower hanging from ceiling, enveloping inside is a light bulb with adjustable light intensity as you like.
In addition to height, depending on propeller profile as propeller profile is inclined, higher degree of cooling, more air it will push, and more powerful wind. . If ceiling is decorated with plaster, it is recommended to choose type with long body and wingspan (diameter of propeller) must be smaller than diameter of smallest part. Plaster ceiling – that is, wingspan of nautical fan must fall into smallest part of plaster.

Design Nautical Fan

Design Nautical Fan

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