Futon Chairs Are Fairly Easy To Build

Single White Futon Chair Bed

Futon chairs offer a place to sit and a place to lie and rest. They are often simple in design and are fairly easy to build. Place the two 20-inch plates on the edge, parallel and 25 centimeters apart. Place the last two 32-inch plates perpendicular to them as you did in the previous step and screw them down. This is the seat part of your futon chair.

Lay the rear part of the seat flat and parallel with the middle part. The 30-inch plates of the rear section must fit between the 30-inch plates on the middle section. Place them so that they overlap each other by 1 ½ centimeters. Repeat this process with the seat section and the middle section of the seat. This is what your futon chair will look like when it is laid out in a bed.

Drill through all four pairs of overlapping 30-inch plates with the ¾-inch drill. Place a bolt through each hole and tighten them with a nut so that they tighten his hand. To position in a chair, the backrest and the middle section in an inverted V. The seat section must be raised flat on the floor. Place the futon mattress over the chair and fold the excess mattress underneath itself so it is doubled in the seat section.