How the Stain Driftwood Furniture

Driftwood furniture – You found the perfect chair of wood, but it must be colored. Or maybe you have found a good table at a rotten sale, but it has an icky layer of natural white paint on it. Do not worry. Even if you have any previous experience, you can dye wood furniture. The nice thing about coloring the wood furniture is that you can choose exactly the color you want
Prepare the surface of the driftwood furniture. This is the most important part of the process. Bart wood is easiest to spot. If you start with pure wood, move step 2. If wooden furniture is already painted or painted, remove it. There are a number of methods for stripping furniture, such as sanding sandpaper or using chemical stripping. When you have removed furniture, wait for 24 hours. Check for pieces of paint or other finishes you missed and get rid of it.
Clean the surface of driftwood furniture with a cleaner, lacquer finish or 0000 steel wool after-strips. If you choose to use a chemical cleaner, make sure the area you work in is well ventilated. Do not use water to clean the surface of your wood furniture. This will raise the tree’s vein. If you use steel wool to clean the surface of wood furniture, put on a pair of cotton cloths after you have done cleaning and lightly with your hand over the surface of the furniture.
Tips and warnings
When picking a spot, choose one that is not darker than the color you want your wooden furniture to be. If the stain dries a lighter color than you like, use another coat and let it penetrate.

Driftwood Furniture Amazing

Driftwood Furniture Amazing

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