How to Build a Rustic Bookshelf

Rustic bookshelf – Building a robust and attractive rustic bookshelf is easy with the use of evenly spaced friezes holding the shelves in place. Friezes simply cut into a piece of wood, designed to hold the end of another piece of wood in position slots. Use rough hew wood finish or composition and use of natural oil or wax to keep the rustic style of their shelves.

Amazing Rustic Bookshelf

Amazing Rustic Bookshelf

Build rustic bookshelf, Place two boards 72 inches wooden 2 for 12 flat on a work surface. These are the side boards of the shelf. Measure and mark every 12 centimeters along the two side panels, leaving five evenly spaced along the length of the plates that go on the face of 12 inches sideboards lines. Set your dado blade to cut 1 inch wide and deep.  Arena next tables, as well as five 30 – inch planks of wood 1 12 which are shelves. Apply wood glue to the courtrooms in the side boards, and then stand the side boards on the edge side, with friezes facing inward.

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Insert the rustic bookshelf between the side plates, so that the ends of the platform are encapsulated in extra dos. Three pilot drill holes sized to fit the shafts of the wood screws 1 3/4 through the side boards at each end of each rustic bookshelf. Secure the rustic bookshelf to the side boards with 1 3/4 inch screws through the pilot holes. Fill the screw holes with wood putty and let dry. Sand putty and touch up on the wood finish before stopping the vertical rustic bookshelf and place it in position.

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For more looks beautiful, you can paint bookcases made of metal or wood to give new life to an old bookcase or assist an ordinary bookcase becomes a stand with a creative color schemes. However, it is important to prepare bookcases thoroughly before painting them to get the best possible results. If you do a good job prepping the bookshelves, paint job will look better, and you will be happier with the results. Painting bookshelves is labor intensive and requires patience to follow the steps needed to complete the project.

Wipe bookshelves clean with a cloth for work, remove all stuck on the shelves, such as chewing gum or labels, using a trowel. Filling in small holes or gaps on wooden shelves with wood putty with a putty knife. Tighten the screws to ensure that the bookcase is sturdy and in good repair as to work on a wobbly bookcase will make the painting task. Unscrew or place masking tape over, decorative hardware.

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Sand every surface in the bookcase, whatever material it is made of. You can paint the unpainted wood, laminated wood, painted wood and even metal successful if you sand the surface first.  Use a sanding, if desired, make grinding less strenuous. Place a large part of the sandpaper in a special rubber blocks rubbing sandpaper of surfaces to be painted. If the job is really big, use a sanding disk attached to a drill or other power tools created for grinding. Dust the cut bookshelves with a cloth for work.

Apply primer on the bookshelves is metal, is made of a laminated wood or previously painted. Applying color on bookshelves primed or does not accept ink when tested, by means of a high-grade foam brush or a brush brush ensuring that leave no brush mark. Avoid ink drops by not overload the brush with paint. For dark colors, or if desired, coat bookshelves with a second layer of paint when the first coat has dried. Place a protective barrier of polyurethane when you finish varnish. Choose matte, satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish polyurethane, depending on your preference. After the paint has dried, replace all hardware.