How to Build Modern Dining Table

Nov 9th
Wooden Modern Dining Table
Wooden Modern Dining Table

Modern dining table – Many styles of modern dining tables are constructed with glass or marble table tops with metal legs and a tight look. Wood dining table, however, add warmth and charm to your home and come in styles that fit into modern interiors.

Cut six 2-inch by 6-inch lumber 46 inches long and runs them through a thickness planer until they are a uniform thickness of 1 1/2-inches. Mount the table top by applying glue along each side of four of the pieces, but that only one side of the two outside pieces. Clamp the wood together with bar clamps, four clamps over the top and four entire underside. Remove the clamps when the glue has dried. Set the table saw blade to 30 degrees and bevel on all four edges of the modern dining table. Use a belt sanding with 100 grit sandpaper to grind the top and underside of the table top.

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Cut four 4-inch by 4-inch lumber 29 inches long to make table legs. Use your table saw to trim the lumber to 3 inches by 3 inches. Set the fence on the table saw at a two-degree angle and taper all four sides of the legs. Sand using the same steps as you did with the tabletop. Turn the table top upside down and place one leg in each corner 3 inches from the edges of the modern dining table. Measure the length and width between the legs of the table apron and cut four 1-inch by 4 inch lumber apron. Sand on the apron pieces. Place the apron pieces centered between the legs, mark its position with a pen and clip apron pieces in place.

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