How To Build Modern Rustic Dining Table

Nov 29th
Wonderful Modern Rustic Dining Table
Wonderful Modern Rustic Dining Table

How To Build Modern Rustic Dining Table – You know the ones where the tables in the rustic, solid wood, and like that right bit worn. They can be seen on television, in shop windows, in restaurants and in interior design magazines. Really super nice, but they cost a fortune even though they are easy to build yourself. Start by determining the table size. We have made the table 185 centimeters long and 93 centimeters wide. Draw a line on the planks and cut to the right size.

Now is the time to decide how worn table should be and it is entirely a matter of taste for build modern rustic dining table. Maybe it was enough studs worn and abraded already when you bought them, and then hands it so. Otherwise, there are some different techniques that damage the wood on. One way is to put two studs on each other and in between add small stone. When you step onto the joists with all your body weight, the stones will create scratches and pits. Another way is to turn on the joists with a hammer or with a heavy chain. Then grind the joists so any splinters and sharp edges disappear. Here you decide how fine or coarse you want the table surface. Try to grind the outer edges of the joists well so that it does not stick to clothes while sitting at the table. But avoid sanding the edges of the studs located in the middle of the table. The smaller the gap is between the studs, the easier it will be to clean and wipe tables such as bread crumbs.

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The next steps for build modern rustic dining table stain each plank individually so that even the sides treated before screwing them together. This is to make it easier to treat the edges of the joists with an even layer. Let dry. Now is the time to assemble the joists. As the base to attach the joists in, I used plywood. I have been swan to three slices of plywood, about 30 x 85 centimeters in size and used one at each end and one in the middle of the table. Place planks on the floor as you want them, with the top to the floor. If necessary, use a pair of forces to hold them together. Place the plywood and screw them into the studs. Screw conclusion, the table legs to the table top so that it stands firmly.

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