How To Choose The Best Futon Couch Bed

Futon Couch Bed

Before buying a futon couch bed, you need to know some basic rules to make the right choice. This traditional Japanese bed is actually a “cotton mattress”. Design initially to be easily transportable, the futon landed on the ground. It is now embellish, in most cases, with a structure (sofa, box spring). Our advice not to deceive you. How to choose my futon? There are three main categories of futon. Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you which one to choose…

The traditional futon for nomads and small spaces. It is made from cotton flowers with which cotton balls are made and carded. There are several thicknesses of mattresses. The first, from 10 to 12 cm, is the one that can be rolled and carried everywhere. Ideal for an extra bed or a camping stay.

The 15 to 18 cm is perfectly adapted to fix beds and sofas. Its big advantage: it folds and unfolds as many times as you like without causing breakage unlike a classic click-clack. For a studio, choose for example a sofa structure with a futon for space and a comfortable sleeping. Elasticity is indeed the main feature of the latex mattress. Without spring, nor polyurethane, it does not preserve the hollows or the forms.