How to Fix the Futon Frame IKEA

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Futon Frame IKEA – The strength and weakness of futons is their adaptability. Many wooden futon frames can be collapsed into a sofa, or the flat offered as a bed. The problem is that a futon that doubles as a sofa or a bed. It usually spends most of its time in a single configuration. If you use it as a bed for years at a time, it is very likely that you emphasize the wood slats that were not meant to support. Follow these steps to find a way to trim the flaccid frame.

Calculate the magnitude of the damage. If the futon frame has wooden slats, check to see if any of the slats have loosened from the running lights running up and down the length of the frame. Remove the futon completely from the frame. This is the hard part. futon mattresses are very heavy and difficult; Therefore, it will be tempting to discover just one corner of the bed frame in need of repair.

Gather the right tools. If the screws and nuts are working loose from the weft, you need a screwdriver or a hammer to put them back in. Slide the futon again. After you are sure that you have put in enough adhesive tape (or that the glue has dried the wood), slide the futon mattress back into the frame. If all else fails, sleep on the floor. After they reach a certain age, futon frames can be damaged without the possibility of repair.