Ideal Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Nov 7th
Nice Lighted Bathroom Mirror
Nice Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Both produce different effects, in area of sink and mirrors a greater flow of light is necessary, therefore cold and white light is more appropriate than in shower where soft tones bring more warmth to environment. If you have a window in bathroom, take advantage of lighted bathroom mirror coming from outside. Your entrance can be used to include a natural plant that gives more life and joy to bathroom.
There are areas in bathroom that claim more light than others, sink and mirror area and shower area are most important in this regard. Some designs surprise us for their originality and creativity. Like this sink that includes in its interior a lighted bathroom mirror system of its own. Lighting does not always have to be direct. You can hide it between mirror and wall creating a play of lights, shadows and textures very attractive and original.
You can also opt for a general lighted bathroom mirror system on ceiling and apply details at certain points by customizing your lighting with other designs of different lamps. Power of light and its intensity is something that you can also afford some license. There are areas that have natural light that do not need same intensity as other darker ones. Mirrors have property of amplifying light that is projected on them. But it had never occurred to us, until now, that it is mirror itself that projects light. Here is an example!

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