Installing Porch Light Fixtures

Jan 6th
Outside Porch Light Fixtures
Outside Porch Light Fixtures

Porch light fixtures – Porch lights are almost as iconic in the United States such as porches. They can be mounted on the ceiling or on the porch wall, and are available in a wide variety of styles. Porches lights while tend to be larger and more prominent than the lights inside wall and roof, installed in the same way, wiring right into the existing circuit. You can control the new accessory existing wall switch, without having to replace the switch.

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Porch light fixtures cut the power of the old porch light in the house fuse or the fuse box. Test the circuit with a voltmeter to check the computer is turned off before starting work in the light. Remove the screws holding the old porch light on the ceiling or wall. Pull it enough to disconnect the cables behind it from the old light. Pull the light completely, exposing the three cable ends disconnected now hanging from the electrical box: a black (hot), one white (neutral), and one bare copper (ground).

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Porch light fixtures adjust the mounting plate of the new fixture to the electrical box. Secure with the screws provided. Separate copper wire (ground) naked from other cables. Twist the wire around the screw green grounding in the mounting plate. Tighten the screw to hold the wire in place.

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