Decorate Corner Gaming Desk

Black Corner Desk

Do you have corner gaming desk in your home that is magnets for the mess?  Create a beautiful and harmonious area that will actually make your room look bigger.


Choose a corner that is weak or messy. If it is an area where children’s toys and games seem to pile up, buy some stacking boxes to contain the mess. Decorate the adjoining walls with some framed photos of the kids or even frame some of their artwork. A corner is also a good place to put a small child’s desk and chair.

Spice up a corner gaming that is boring or unused with some nice art and a recessed light for drama. Place a large vase in the style of your decor and lay long grasses. To give a little height, place the vase on an old suitcase or small single table. Hang framed family photos on the adjacent walls of a corner to make a nice display. Again, the lighting is important because most corners are dark, so add a lamp, recessed light or hanging fixture to illuminate the area and pull the eye to the extreme points of the room. This increases the depth and really opens up a room.