Bunk Bed Desk Combo Ideas

Best Bunk Bed with Desk Underneath

Bunk bed desk combo are perfect for children who need lots of space in their rooms.  Bunk bed with a desk then you can open the space on the floor in your child’s room. The space under a high bed is perfect for a computer or a desk. Also an armchair or sofa or even an entertainment center. The high sleepers let the children decide what they want in their room without a bed limiting them.

The basic white pine high sleeper from Thuka Company is made of Scandinavian polar pine and comes in blue, black, purple or pink. It also comes with an optional set of desk, drawers, cabinets and shelves. Most importantly, the basic white pine high sleeper comes equipped with safety railings on the head, feet and side of the bed. The length of the mattress is 200 cm, and the width is 90 cm.

White high berth Set, Verona’s design set high white bunk bed comes with a matching wardrobe and a desk that are not attached to the beds own structure. This allows a child to decide where in the room. If not under the bed itself, the desk, closet and fits well. The high white bed is 203 cm long, 100.5 cm wide and 182 cm high.