How to Build a Corner Stand up Desk

Motorized Stand Up Desk

Corner Stand Up Desk – If you want to use a corner of a room for a desk, you can easily create your own built-in desk to fit right into space. Built-in desk uses staples or brackets to the uprights on the wall to hold them up. If you measure the corner before buying the wood, you can get the wooden warehouses to cut for you and save a lot of time.

Measure the corner where you want to install the table and mark a line on each wall at the desired height of the desk and the length of the corner table will come out of the corner. Locate the wall of posts with a stud finder and mark them on the level line. Cut two pieces of 2 by 2 wood to about 4 inches less than the length of the sides of the desk for the cleats. Place each staple on the lines of the wall, about 2 inches at the end of the lines.

Secure the studs to the wall with two 4-inch screws through each of the points of the wall stud. Cut a triangular piece of MDF 1 inch thick to the dimensions of the corner table. Place the desk over the coves and push flush into the corner. Attach the desk to the studs with 2-inch wood screws driven through the desk into the cleats every 5 inches. Fill the screw holes in the top of the desk with putty and let it dry. The sand table, and then paint it in the desired color.