Popular Vintage Drexel Heritage Furniture

Vintage Office Furniture Idea

The vintage drexel heritage furniture is popular! Old-fashioned grandmother’s buffet, worn rattan armchair, old-fashioned stool … Do not let your old furniture take the dust. Give them a deco makeover inspired by these 11 vintage furniture updated by bloggers lovers of retro. For a simple customization or a radical metamorphosis, several solutions are available to you: the painting, the fabric, the wallpaper or the trapilho.

Old-fashioned or even a little kitsch … Many would have let slip this old furniture qu’Anaïs and Benjamin, have worked on the Internet for the modest sum of 15 euros. We fall in love with the hand-made have restored it carefully. The metamorphosis is radical.  Go away, the cheesy buffet! Partially repainted in gray-blue, the furniture is now trendy. We love the idea of ​​keeping the wooden structure intact. As for the geometric patterns on the glass, they energize and dust off this old buffet. No false notes in this renovation!

How to achieve this step by step? Sand and clean the furniture. Apply the under layer wood. When it’s dry, paint the desired parts, making sure to protect the other areas with the painter’s tape. Paste the patterned wallpaper in the background to the right and the white paper in the background to the left. Cut out triangles in the white adhesive roll and glue them on the glass.