Locking Storage Cabinet Safety Option

Nov 6th
Wooden Locking Storage Cabinet Tall
Wooden Locking Storage Cabinet Tall

The construction of a small closet with a lock is a simple and effective way to create a safe home or safe. Fixing the Locking Storage Cabinet to the wall or floor by screwing it inside gives a strong level of security since the box cannot be removed without breaking the blockage or the wood. Additional reinforced security can be achieved by attaching the locking mechanism so that the attachments are inside, and installing the hinges so that they are not visible, either.
Arrange four-by-12-by-12-inch plywood boards in a vertical square. Place the boards so that each touch two other plates to make a square frame 12-1 / 2-by-12-1 / 2 inches. Drill four holes through each plate and at the end of the board that is adjacent to it by a total of 16 holes. Set 2-inch wood screws in each hole and firmly tighten them to make the joints in a solid frame. Flip the locking storage cabinet upside down and position another half-by-12-1 / 2-by-12-1 plywood / 2-inch board in the frame.
Slide two internal hinged mounting locking storage cabinet between this gasket, which is the cabinet door, and one of the frame plates. Remove or lift the door, if necessary, to find the best spaces to install the hinges against the frame board, and mark the location of holes for the hinge screws of the frame plate.

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