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Nov 4th
Best Mid Century Modern end Tables Value

Mid century modern end tables, seems to be a classic design table.People understand the genre classic collection, and use it in almost every room of their home. Some people hear the term and although they appreciate modern furniture, and maybe even decorate using modern pieces, they do not understand how the label falls “in the middle of the century” in its place. Maybe you think that a piece of tablelike Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table or Eero Saarinen Tulip Table seems not very modern. But you should change your mind.

Mid century modern end tablesdoes not mean that the table built in middle century before 60s. Its talk about the design, we may think modern furniture have latest trend of design. Sometimes, classic furniture from last age becomes trend today. You can find modern furniture designs with common feature. They are using a curve with low profile tires and a lower limit ornament applicant. It describes a low profile with the most comprehensive line of mid-century modern furniture pieces.

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The mid century modern end table has increasingly art value. There are times when the work to actually increase the value of an artist after artist’s death. Some of the artwork in the beginning, and not fully appreciated by the masses at a time when design was originally presented. Then as time passes and it is growing, it is not uncommon to get a piece of the rocket to the stars without a classic designer or artist even live to promote the work.

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Examples of Mid Century Modern Interior Design

Many iconic furniture designs can be credited for giving Mid Century modern decorating his signature look. A single vintage chair can stand out as a hub in a modern room or several pieces can be mixed with modern furniture in a transitional period design. Iconic Mid Century furniture designs include:

Tulip conductor inspired by Eero Saarinen

The uterus conductor inspired by Eero Saarinen

The Ball conductor inspired by Eero Aarnio

The Bubble conductor inspired by Arne Jacobsen

Egg and Ottoman- inspired by Arne Jacobsen

The Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table inspired by Isamu Noguchi

Simplicity and integration with nature was in the heart of Mid Century architecture and design, and you can clearly see it in this standout furniture. Other important elements of this design are:

Flat planes- flat surfaces were commonly seen on roofs and interiors tend to flat horizontal lines.

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Large expanses of glass sliding glass doors and walls of windows flood the rooms with natural light and unobstructed views of the outdoors.

Varying elevation Split-level rooms, partial walls and cabinet placed at different heights create depth and interest.

Mavens Mid-Century

The quickest way to recognize Mid Century style furniture and knowing what to look for is to familiarize yourself with iconic designer names from that time. Famous Mid Century designers include:

Charles and Ray Eames- husband and wife architects and modern furniture designers

George Nelson industrial designer credited with being one of the founders of American modernism

Isamu Noguchi- a Japanese American artist, landscape, lighting and furniture designer

Eero Saarinen- furniture designer credited with many iconic Mid-Century pieces including “Womb” chair and “Tulip” chair

Eero Aarnio- a Finnish designer with iconic furniture designs are still seen on TV and film sets today, such as “Bubble” chair.

The philosophy of modern design is built around the concept of “form must follow function”, which can be clearly seen in the work of these five designers, who also worked behind the scenes for big manufacturers such as Knoll and Herman Miller.

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