Mid Century Modern Media Console Plans

Oct 15th
Mid Century Modern Media Consoles Wood
Mid Century Modern Media Consoles Wood

Mid century modern media console – All matters relating to medieval and artistic always look attractive, especially for those who like things reeks of history. Medieval always associated with the glory days of kingdoms in Europe such as Britain, France, and Germany. This medieval Nuance is now widely used in a variety of works of art such as paintings, sculpture, decorative arts and architectural art.

In terms of architectural design, for example, things that are synonymous with the medieval often realized with the election of objects d’art for decoration, bathroom design, the design of the living room, or bedroom design. For homeowners who want to bring the feel of the middle ages, there are many things that can be done, one of them through elections mid century modern media console.

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If you intend to create mid century modern media console yourself, you can apply the concept of this mid-century furniture. This furniture does not require high skills all that are required in terms of basic carpentry skills and the ability to process wood and iron. By looking at a wide range of reference models of medieval furniture designs on the internet, would now make the furniture itself is not too complicated.

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How stripping Mid Century wooden furniture, that is, remove the old finish either painted or varnished to give a new one is indispensable to make it work well. It is one of the techniques that you have to put more careful restoration. Before you start, you should analyze the furniture with which you will work: if it is painted or varnished and the state is.  If it is a restoration, checks than an antique or a piece of furniture with value. If you do not have experience in best to consult with a professional first date and taste him before risking damaging it or impairing the value of the piece.

There are various methods for stripping or removing paint or varnish wooden furniture. When the varnish or paint are old or form a thin layer, it can be sanded. A hand with steel wool or medium grit sandpaper or fine medium, which does not leave deep marks on the surface of the furniture. With an electric sander, the different models that are in the market for home DIY. This method is especially convenient when you have a cabinet with wide flat surface such as a table. Use likewise suitable sandpaper work you’ll do.

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Stripping with a chemical usually presented in similar solvents or paint cans, have a very toxic composition, so it must be handled with care. Appropriate gloves, face mask and work in adequately ventilated sites are precautionary measures that can not be ignored. Note that also are flammable and you have to use solvents recommended by the manufacturer to clean the brushes you use. Essentially, what this product is to soften the paint, lacquer or varnish old it easier to remove. It is appropriate when the paint, lacquer or varnish comprises a thick layer. One generous amount applied, especially if the layer of paint or varnish is thick, and must wait about 15 minutes (sometimes more) to begin to form bubbles and wrinkles on the surface of the furniture. At that time they have to remove with a spatula or scraper. Use steel wool medium hard, difficult to access locations, such as moldings or corners of the piece. When finished, remove the remains with a scourer steel wool or medium grit sandpaper dipped in solvent. Let dry.

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