Special Rustic Kitchen Accessories

Rustic kitchen accessories – What is special about rustic kitchens? Before answering this question, we should start talking about rustic style. Rustic style is a style of decoration enjoying ever greater popularity and can be found in many homes and cottages. Thanks to rustic style can evade some stressful life of big cities and bring peaceful rural life and field a little more to our lives.

Wooden Rustic Kitchen Accessories

Wooden Rustic Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen is place where you probably spend more time at home, so give it a rustic kitchen accessories touch to decor will make this cozy and inviting space. Will not you take leisurely coffee in morning while you have feeling of being in French countryside or in quiet village in Alpujarras? Make up your mind for rustic style for your kitchen!

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When thinking of rustic kitchen accessories, many are coming to mind of kitchen furniture and sturdy dark wood. However, this is more than outdated. Today, rustic kitchens are much more than simple kitchen with rustic wooden front. Of course, rustic kitchens still have a rural and quiet – unlike modern designer kitchens. But over time, these kitchens have been modernized, reinventing classic rustic style. Do not forget to add plants to decorate your rustic kitchen. They are fundamental to creating a country atmosphere. They can be artificial or natural plants: basil, rosemary, mint … Join rustic style.

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To create a rustic kitchen, one must first brainstorm what comes to mind when you think of rural or rural life. Now that you have an understanding of what kind of theme and mood you want to portray choose color schemes and objects that supports this. Choose warm shades of red, orange, brown, and yellow to convey a smooth, solid feel in the rustic kitchen. Think of the colors that are found naturally in nature, like the golden wheat fields and bright red apples.

In addition to color schemes, think of the materials that make up your flooring, cabinets, counters, sinks, etc. A wooden floor would be good, and so were simple wood cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. Rustic style is simple, unadorned and made of natural, earthy materials, change what you can afford to accordingly.

If you can’t change the bigger structures, fixtures and appliances in your kitchen, you can still make your kitchen look a little less modern and a little more traditional with some elements. Remove all modern appliances from view as coffee makers, toasters, etc. by putting them away or hide them. Place packaged foods and items that are given in interesting containers such as mason jars, pottery jugs and jars.

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Try to make everything functional and decorative items to add to your rustic look. Hang an old vintage clock, painted wooden signs and artwork with scenes of simple life in the countryside (roosters, fields, fresh produce, etc.). Place woven baskets on the counter, window sills or above cabinets and use those for storage or to fill with dried flowers and wheat. Use handmade pottery container and fill with wooden spoons and utensils. Put the pots with colorful pasta, beans and lentils as decoration. Fill beautiful intestines with fresh fruit dishes and keep the attractive porcelain or hand-painted tiles in sight. Remember to keep the items you feel convey images and feelings in your theme list.