The Discovery and Designer’s Modern Industrial Lighting

Jan 29th
modern industrial lighting solutions

Modern industrial lighting – Designer Tejo Remy hot and so are its lighting design. Dutch designers, Droog, many design features Remy worldwide, providing modern lighting crowd artfully illuminating experience excellence. Always focusing on the permeable boundaries of sustainable design, Remy prove that reclaimed materials and day-to-day can please us to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Milk Bottle Lamp famous by Remy, calling a simple sense 50’s-era nostalgia, modern industrial lighting can be manipulated into a variety of lighting solutions. Being able to change the perspective wherever they are used, this light can both charm and inspire our personal living space. Milk Bottle Lamp hangs single independent, casting subtle light. The Droog Milk Bottle Chandelier is a collection of twelve pendants individual bottles, combined into one lamp unusual. Best chandelier in the room that echo the shape, especially the halls, the dining room or on the kitchen island.

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A must for designers around the world, this year’s “A Touch of Green”, which was held in Milan; found modern industrial lighting design one of the most popular in lighting design. Established in 1993, Droog has offered many ideas innovative green design, featuring award winning designs brought to the public through practical solutions and simple, finding light and the best of designers, artists and engineers.

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