Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal shower brunch ideas for a friend can be such a great idea than the regular lunch or dinner bridal shower. The foods served are simple yet delicious and appealing to the guests. The brunch can be done in a warmer weather where it is sunny so the guests coming will have no problem with […]

Small Bathrooms Designs

When entering the bathroom, the first thing which will be seen by many people is the shower. The interesting models which they have to know are the tub to shower conversion ideas. This is the combination of the tub and the shower to be the single application. If people have the modern design of bathroom, […]

Beadboard And Tile Bathroom

For the interior designers, creating the good bathroom may be the easy thing to do because they have understood the concept of the design. The beadboard bathrooms become the simple thing for them to do. This model of bathroom is really appropriate to the small size of bathroom. For the modern house, the application of […]

Cynthia Rowley Showers Curtains

Cynthia Rowley shower curtain is the famous line that the designer Cynthia Rowley has. Cynthia Rowley is a Chicago based designer that has outlets spread all over the country even outside of the country like Japan. Starting from designing women’s wear, Cynthia Rowley now has been producing bath and house gears also. She is also […]