Bling Chandelier Bathroom

Although during the reign of minimalism the bling chandelier fell into oblivion, today they are a super classic design that has come back with everything. The most classic design spiders are characterized by giving a lot of presence and elegance in environments such as living.¬† At present, this design has been modernized a lot. It […]

Kitchen Powered Ceiling Light Fixtures

Lighting is a key piece of interior decoration. It depends on us that we can enjoy our rooms correctly at any time of the day; it also helps us to carry out our daily activities and to highlight the details of our rooms. Ideal for large spaces, this idea of battery powered ceiling light fixtures […]

Airplane Ceiling Light Bedroom

Airplane ceiling light – In a previous article, we explained several technical aspects that you should know before choosing the optimal ceiling fan for the space where you want to place it. Aspects such as energy consumption, its engine, the height of placement, the different sizes of fans, among others, are fundamental before selecting the […]

DIY Mid Century Light Fixtures

Mid century light fixtures – have a long way since Thomas Edison created the light. Now they come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. But the ancient lamp takes us back in time, in some cases, even before the film of a switch, given the power of the simple. At that time, people had […]

Hanging Orbit Chandelier

Although like all fashion that returns, it never does as before and for that reason nowadays these ultraclasic atmospheres no longer take to the palace style where these lamps found their natural habitat. Today the orbit chandeliers are reinterpreted in a more modern style or the same classic lamps of the time are used but […]

Modern Diffuser Fluorescent Light

Ceilings are relatively easy to install and allow access to the previous roof beams. It is useful for a basement remodeling diffuser fluorescent light, where you may want access to cables or pipes on the roof. Lighting on the roof of the drop is often supplied by fluorescent lamps mounted on the roof rafters. To […]

Hanging Rustic Cabin Lighting

Are you looking for rustic cabin lighting for your home but you cannot find any lamp that’s right size? Today we show you some inspiring ideas that you can find in decoration stores. or, launch yourself to do them yourself if you are good at DIY. A rustic decoration is usually part of country houses […]

Commercial Bollard Lighting Backyard

The commercial bollard lighting is small columns that illuminate various areas of garden. They are very practical to delimit roads and generate points of interest. And in addition to playing a practical role, they add an important decorative value. This article describes light bollards and their uses in garden, explains how to install them and […]

Antique Ceiling Fans for Sale in India

Slip in the summer with a book, spread out on the armchair, while the ceiling fan blows a pleasant breeze in the room. A practical, particular and decorative element that will not fail to catch the eye in any environment. A ceiling fan is more versatile than it may seem. And we can find an […]

Hanging Robert Abbey Bling Chandelier

Widely reviled during the reign of minimalism, robert abbey bling chandelier are used today frequently in the decoration of all kinds of environments. And it is thanks to the fusion of current styles , that the same mixes an ethnic piece with an ultra contemporary, a worn wood with a microcemento floor¬† or a rustic […]