Modern kitchen lighting – In a kitchen we need light forever. You must take into account use given to this space, which is none other than preparing food for our daily lives. Therefore light must be constant, day and night. You want to know what kind of lights you can place in your kitchen. Formerly […]


Modern rustic lighting – Country home decor and design usually means natural wood, vintage furniture and antique decor items. In general, designers should consider how a ceiling light fixture will fit in with the decor theme, as the country’s furniture should have some kind of vintage or rustic element. Country style also has many traditional […]


Modern porch light – The porch is a very common structural element in homes warm climate, such as the Mediterranean and is different than the pergolas, which are only spaces to create shade. Besides having major importance in what refers to the architecture of housing and its decorative atmosphere, it is a place that allows […]


Modern outdoor lighting – The exteriors are filled with fun and fantasy spaces. For the little ones are a world of adventure and discovery, and the larger ones are a place to relax and have a good time. But regardless of the purpose or use that they give, they should always be well – lit. […]


Modern lighting – A house with the right lighting is a pleasant space in which you will always feel at ease. Achieving this is not the nightmare that many think, is that when it comes to the firelight we always focus on artificial lighting, but there are a number of tricks and small details that […]


Modern LED lighting – A revolution is when placed in the center of the story to modern social class, if given time bourgeois are the most modern in the history they displace aristocrats. Also, some time after reaching the proletarians as the most modern class and bourgeois displace the center of history. Something is happening […]


Modern industrial lighting – Designer Tejo Remy hot and so are its lighting design. Dutch designers, Droog, many design features Remy worldwide, providing modern lighting crowd artfully illuminating experience excellence. Always focusing on the permeable boundaries of sustainable design, Remy prove that reclaimed materials and day-to-day can please us to reduce, reuse and recycle. Milk […]


Create Mid Century Modern Outdoor Lighting – If your outdoor room looks lifeless and inviting for you, you can convert brighten a bit ‘in a modern style that reflects a Mid-Century. The minimalist theme offers more freedom of movement in the outdoor room. This style will remind you of the ranch-style houses have increased whose […]


Modern fans with lights – A ceiling fan with light can help lower your electricity bills for cooling in summer, move the hot air around your house in the winter and make a room. The installation will be simplified if you have attic access above where you should install your new fan, but that access […]