Vintage Barber Chairs Decor Ideas

Vintage Barber Chairs Ideas

Vintage barber chairs – More and more people want to be served by a barber. Specialized in masculine and knowledgeable, both of new trends and traditional style. The type of environment is characterized by the combination of furniture and classic decoration with elements of industrial inspiration, such as metal lamps, retro fans and complements of recovered wood and forged steel. A constant in these environments are leather upholstered chairs, chester sofas, exposed brick walls and dark wood floors. This proposal is covered with a vintage air, inspired by the business of the late nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth century.

Unlike the previous idea, which recreates a style, it has a more genuine component. You can still see some examples in these neighborhood barber shops. Run by older gentlemen or in the movies, set in the 50s – 80s. In them, quality classic furniture is used, beautiful vintage barber chairs, old photographs and original hydraulic tile. These small decoration jewels are bright, thanks to their large windows and the use of white and light colors, especially green and beige.

With the rise of the urban fashions of the 21st century, we see environments in which different tendencies are combined. Related to the mixture of tradition and the lifestyle of the city. In these barbershops, we can see marbled and clear wood panels, classic furniture, graphic decorations, recycled elements and bicycles. One of the pillars of the current Eco urban culture. In addition, of the vinyl with graphic motifs, they use modern photographs and posters.