Vintage Brass Lamps: Good Idea for Interior Decor

Vintage Desk Lamp Bulb

Vintage brass lamps – What do you think about modernizing your interior a bit without redoing the pieces again. And redecorating them completely? What can be done to rekindle the living room, the dining room. Or the adult bedroom without investing a lot of money and days or weeks of extensive work? Do you know that home lighting plays a vital role in our perception of space?

With their help we can accent a design furniture, hide some imperfection or boldly declare his style. An industrial floor lamp, for example, can become a real eye-catcher without the entire room being decorate in a loft style. A good idea for interior decorating the adult bedroom is to opt for the industrial floor lamp next to the bed, instead of the classic bedside lamp.

One, made of metal tubes, equipp with an old Edison bulb is more than perfect! Nothing makes such a loud loft-style statement as an oversize industrial floor lamp that steals absolutely the limelight from the rest of the decor. Though it’s absolutely brilliant! Vintage style and industrial decoration go hand in hand! This can be see clearly in the low tables, the antique furniture, the old objects and the metal lighting of the past. Which we meet more and more in our contemporary pieces.