Vintage File Cabinet Drawers

Feb 12th
Vintage File Cabinet Style
Vintage File Cabinet Style

vintage file cabinet – The construction of this drawer filing cabinet, is a functional, economical and clean suggestion that further contribute to have ordered and in one place, all our documents. In addition, we will make from an old chest of draws we had at home, so it is a proposal for recycling as well. We will recycle an old piece of furniture, to make a new drawer. To make this work will join the two bottom drawers of the cabinet together with adhesive. To give more weight to the structure, add a strip of chipboard between a drawer and another. Then we prepare guides using profiles of aluminum U and look, with metal brackets. To finish the job, we will put suspended guides folders.

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Step by step to a vintage file cabinet drawer, the first thing you have to do is remove both the shooter bottom drawer as guides, using the driver drill fitted with a suitable tip. When we have done all the holes, we apply adhesive mounting and introduce the guillotines, with the help of a nylon mace. Between a drawer and another, we will place a strip of chipboard that also will post with spikes. Then again apply adhesive to the upper edge of the strip of chipboard and join the second drawer. It is the turn of the guides.

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Then we go over the areas cut with a file well, until remove all burrs. Now we will place the handle and brackets, fixing them with their corresponding screws. We apply a few points extra-strong adhesive on the brackets and paste the three aluminum profiles that will guide. To finish the job, we put the folders suspended from guides and introduce the drawer in the cabinet. Here we have the cajoler we have recycled, turned into a practical drawer vintage file cabinet, which allow us to have ordered and well located all our documents.

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